Is it time to be re-born?

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I miss blogging. Writing. Reading. Bottom line I miss my old life.

Watch out. Something is brewing.

Something new. Fresh. Exceptionally exquisite.


hate to be alone

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I hate to be alone.
Who wants to be alone?
Last week, I think that was last Sunday, I was urged to go out of our house because I've told everyone that I have a Seminar to attend in SM the Block, even im not really going to. They already gave me the money for the said event (and ofcourse kick-back na!!) hahaha so i don't have any choice but to go out. It was 9am when my mom shouted, "justin!! mag 10 na..dba may seminar ka! wake up!!!". I got up and prepared. I'm still drowsy and tired but i need to go out.
I was ready to go when my mom scolded me, "late ka na naman! ano ba yan!".
I gave her my excuse, "Ma! 10:30 pa ung seminar! and my friends are already in SM. They are goin to reserve a seat for me!" yeah i lied.
Now I feel your eyebrows are raising. haha Honestly, There was a real seminar in SM that day, and had my reservation. BUT i used the money for other stuff and food. anyhow...
10:15 am. I dont know where to go and what to do. What is the nearest mall that i won't be spotted. I kept on thinkin' and finally decided to go to Robinson's Place Metro East. It is in Cainta. They won't go there! that's for sure. haha so I travel to Rob East.
I arrived at RP. There I am, All alone. I texted every friend that is near my location. Hoping that I would be saved from boredom and all. But Nada, Zilch, Zero, none of my friends reply from my instant invitation for chillin' out.
I walked and walked sadly inside the mall. Feeling blue as the cold wind from the ACs of the mall touched my skin. I don't want to go to malls alone. I don't go out alone, even for a hair-cut in a salon, drinking in coffee shops nor shopping for my clothes. I tend to be sad and bored when alone in a mall. I hate it. I hoped that someone will text me, "juz where u at? im coming!" oh well, wala.
I was sleepy and haggard na,
then I heard my stomach was grumbling.
I forgot, i haven't eat anything...
so i ate in McDonalds.
hate this part again, alone. Hahahaha

As I ate my breakfast. I observed the mall, the people and also the ones who were ordering in the counter. It was Sunday, Family day, and im alone. Then what I saw made me laugh. Mga Indays and Dongs that are dating. Sunday nga pala, D-off nila.. Poor me. Sila may partner, ako wala, kasi busy ung dapat partner ko sa isang event that day. haha

I observed more of my surrounding while digging on my salty fries.
Sitting in front of me were three old maids with irritating voices. Laughing out loud and gossiping. Then there was a family, sitting in front of the old maids. They have this cute cuddly young boy, who was pinched by one of the old maids. they're not related. weird oldies.

and the dating indays and dongs.. hahaha

I was giggling by myself.. and one of the few "couples" around me gave that aweful glance.
They might be thinking that im a lunatic. I could careless. haha

I finished my large fries without noticing it. Now it is 11:30. still bored. Hopeless.

I dont know what to do now.
I saw this internet hub.
Went in and rented a computer for an hour.

got online.
and finally.
i felt...
im not ALONE. ^_^

Simple Joys

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Friday the 13th




Unlucky day

These are just the few things that might happen when there is a Friday the 13th.

Well. That didn’t work on me baby today!

Coz I experienced one of the kilig day ever.

Well it’s not that big occurrence that happened to me, it is simply a kilig moment.

Cheng - **chu - ang** And I was sitting inside a room somewhere in Legarda.

Cheng was reading announcements on the door. It is on Chinese character.

And I was caught astonished on what Cheng was doing. haha

Confession, I really want to learn Chinese, Korean and nihonggo!!!

After reading, Cheng started writing Chinese characters on a paper.

It was cute to see cheng wrote so fast…

So there I was, sitting amazingly, watching the pen move swiftly.

Then Cheng grabbed my hand.

At my surprise, Cheng wrote this on my right hand.

I knew what this means. Hahaha

So what else I felt.


so sweet

so lovely

so everything.


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Have one person in your mind while answering this ok! ^_^

1. friend mo ba siya sa multiply or any social sites?
>yup. i think so.

2. bakit siya napili mo sa survey na to?
> hmm let's say life ko siya

3. anong lugar ang naaalala mo sa kanya?

4. anong song ang naaalala mo sa kanya?
> INSOMIA -- aahhh

5. bakit?
> hindi nia alam ung title at first.. and then nakakatawa pag kinakanta nia..

6. okay ba ang height?
> YUP :)

7. magaling ba sumayaw?
> oohhh so good. may award pa sa DLSU hahaha

8. may kamukha ba siyang artista?
> wala.

9. nakita mo na siyang magalit?
> slight galit lang.

10. eh ngumiti?
> hmmm uu naman. crazy weird smile.

11. eh umiyak?
> yup.

12. ano fave niya suotin?

13. pinapasaya ka ba niya?
> perpetual Bliss

14. naging malaking parte ba sya ng buhay mo?
> life changingly yes.

15. mga bagay na nakakapagpaalala sayo tungkol sa kanya?
> everything. esp starbucks

16. minahal ka ba nya?
> yup! YES!

17. friends ba kayo?
> yeah!

19. may binigay na ba syang lesson sayo? ano?
> diet is not the answer. ANOREXIA dapat! wahahhaa

20. may codename ba siya sayo?
> STAR inside a BOX! hehehe

Boys Be...

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is a manga created and written by Masahiro Itabashi and illustrated by Hiroyuki Tamakoshi, which was in 2000 adapted into a 13 episode anime series by Hal Film Maker.

Three different Boys Be... First is the manga series , serialized by Kodansha in Shukan Sh┼Źnen Magazine. The second manga series is licensed in North America by Tokyopop and the anime is licensed by The Right Stuf International. The anime, first aired on WOWOW (with a matching fanline email address courtesy of Lycos Japan), is licensed in Singapore by Odex. The first DVD volume of the series was released in North America on February 28, 2006. Comcast and serval other cable providers are currently showing 'Boys Be' On Demand in the United States through the Anime Network. This series was aired on AXN-Asia before it handed all anime broadcasting duties to ANIMAX Asia, and, unlike other AXN anime making it to ANIMAX, was never retained.

Boys Be…

I would say, is a great anime for guys like me. Its story is about how guys developed into mature men. How they have handled the stress of balancing school works with their love life, their childhood infatuations and also the challenges in growing up and urging testosterones. I can’t forget when I watched it on ANIMAX.. whoah! The first episode blew me off. The soundtrack was perfectly jived the drama and funny stuff in the story, especially when the quotes that were shown every episode. So Perfect. That was 8 years ago. Time flew so fast. And still, I get Goosebumps whenever I hear their soundtrack.


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Finally filed my application for graduation! wahh is this really it?

butterflies in my stomach

fast breathing.

panic panic

hahaha grad na ako! yosh!

im going to miss school. iba din ung nagaaral ka,

enjoying parties, drinking sessions and looking for prospects.

spending timeless chatting with friends,

ruthless professors and clinical instructors,

and most of important of all in a student's life....


hahaha but thank God, college is over





Graduate School!

and look this! it was 2 years ago..

because of ever stressful life.. my youthful glow disappeared.


end of training weeks

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our training weeks were over but here's the hard part!!


finally gonna take in live calls.

new faces.

new friends

gonna miss my classmates in training.

and my morning breakfast treats!

Turkey Time!

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Thanksgiving, or Thanksgiving Day, celebrated on the fourth Thursday in November, at the end of the harvest season, is an annual American federal holiday to express thanks for one's material and spiritual possessions.

Most people celebrate by gathering at home with family or friends for a holiday feast. Though the holiday's origins can be traced to harvest festivals which have been celebrated in many cultures since ancient times, the American holiday has religious undertones related to the deliverance of the English settlers by Native Americans after the brutal winter at Plymouth, Massachusetts.

The period from Thanksgiving Day through New Year's Eve often is called the holiday season.

Source: Wiki

I act like a 19 Year Old

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Put an X in all that apply and then add up to see how old you act!

[ ] You know how to make a pot of coffee
[x] You keep track of dates using a calendar
[ ] You own a credit card
[ ] You know how to change the oil in a car
[ ] You've done your own laundry
[x] You can vote in an election
[x] You can cook for yourself
[x] You think politics are exciting

[x] You show up for school late a lot
[x] You always carry a pen in your bag/purse/pocket
[ ] You've never gotten a detention
[ ] You have forgotten your own birthday at least once
[ ] You like to take walks by yourself
[x] You drink caffeine at least once a week

[x] You know how to do the dishes
[x] You can count to 10 in another language
[x] When you say you're going to do something you do it
[ ] You can mow the lawn
[x] You study when you have to
[x] You have hand washed a car before

[ ] You can spell experience, without looking it up
[x] The people at Starbucks know you by name (some)
[ ] Your favorite kind of food is shawarma
[ ] The first thing you do when you wake up is get caffeine
[x] You can go to the store without getting something you don't need
[x] You understand political jokes the first time they are said
[x] You can type pretty quick

[ ] Your only friends are from your place of employment
[x] You have been to a Tupperware party
[ ] You have realized that no one will take you seriously unless you are over the age of 25 and have a job
[x] You have more bills than you can pay
[x] You use the internet every day
[ ] You have been outside of the country 2 or more times
[ ] You make your own bed

The Total number is the age you act.

POP! Just like a Bubble

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Seeing bubbles are fantastic sight…

Floating Freely in the air.

Sometimes shines brightly when struck by the pigment of light.

Its radiance compliments its perfect shape,

Yet so fragile. Frail. Weak structure.

one touch.

It’s gone.

When we are in love, we are like bubbles.

Always on a high and happy,

In a bubble, too much oxygen,

Then BOOM.

It will vanish…

In love, gave everything you’ve got,

Sometimes, you will looked stupid, all for love..

Still, they will leave you.

Alone. Badly hurt. Full of loneliness.

Like a bubble,

One touch,

It’s gone.

Have you experienced being a bubble?